Monday, March 15, 2010


So, ever since Noah was born, I have has a hard time kicking this ear infection. I have a LOOOONG history of ear problems and ear surgeries on my left ear that seemed to be under control. I have had really no problems for the past 7 or eight years. The scary thing is, that it has been operated on so many times that there is very little left of my middle ear and not much between it and my brain. For me to have a MRSA infection in that ear is one of my biggest fears. I have exposed nerve, any many points of entry for bacteria to cause major problems.
I am very glad I was a bit testy when I went into urgent care and asked for it to be cultured, but I do also feel that ignorance was bliss.
I am also grateful that I was able to track down the ENT surgeon who I saw in the past and he will be seeing me first thing tomorrow morning in Faribault. Yay! It pays to have connections. I actually worked with him at the Cannon Falls Hospital in surgery as well as him being my doctor. We have kids the same age and still send Christmas cards, so thankfully I was able to bypass the usual routines.
Please pray for me! Not only am I worried, but this hurts!

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Amber Tezel said...

Will definitely pray Kris! I have a friend who deals with MRSA with herself and her daughter. Don't know a whole lot about it, but sounds like something you don't want to mess around with!