Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Adventures in Sewing

It's weird how sometimes you get a crazy idea to do some project and then you find out that two, or maybe even three of your close friends or family had the same idea. No? this never happens to you? Well, it happened this week and it's just strange. I'm sure it means something deep and profound, but I can't quite figure it out. I don't believe in coincidence... only providence.

I decided that I wanted to sew. Now, you have to know that my sewing skills are rather limited and I tend to be the sloppy, just git-er-done type of worker. So I have learned to enter into sewing projects with caution. My end product will NOT look like the one on the front of the pattern. I have to be okay with that. Anyway, I decided that I would make matching mother-daughter aprons for Hannah and I. I went to the store, got the pattern, material, and supplies. I dug out my sewing machine, set it up, and even washed and IRONED the fabric. I started to lay out the pattern and had to call my mom for help. She said it was very strange that she had just decided that she need to teach Laura (my youngest sister) how to sew. Just that week she bought a pattern and material for her and was just thinking about starting on it when I called. (Twilight Zone music in background).

Mom came over and stuck with me through the whole first apron. We had a wonderful time talking and having tea while we girls worked on the project. It was very nice to have a quiet evening at home to visit. The next day as I was finishing the second apron, I called her for some phone advice and my Grandma Jule was at her house for coffee. Mom had told her about my sewing project and she remarked that my aunt Rosie had called her that very same week to tell her that she had decided that she wanted to sew aprons. She bought the material and a pattern and wanted to come to Minnesota to learn how to sew (Twilight Zone music gets louder).

I have know idea what will come of this, if anything. It was just so remarkable, I had to share.

I have so far completed 3 aprons and am really enjoying learning how to use my machine and visiting with my sewing gurus seeking their wisdom. We'll see if my skills improve.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Life is Too Short to Spend it Busy

I'm feeling a little out of control lately with family obligations, family emergencies, work, homeschooling, keeping things sort of managed at home, etc. Please keep me in your prayers to get through the month of October and that the rest of the winter will be uneventful. I am looking forward to cold winter days when the hibernation begins.