Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm 39...Seriously!

Yesterday was my 39th birthday, no lie. I have to admit, it was one of the best. My niece, Aliza and I share the same birthday and we decided that we really ought to spend it together doing something fun. So, about a month ago, we began discussing what we ought to do. The conversation went like this...
"Aunt Krissy, our birthday is coming soon..." Aliza said.
"I know. What do you suppose we should do? I think we should do something together this year. How about if we go shopping?"
Aliza said, "Yeah! Then we could buy things!"
"That sounds good. What do you think we should buy?" I asked.
"Presents! (long pause for thought) ...and balloons!"
I loved this conversation. Aliza is now 5 years old and I absolutely adore her. so what evolved from our plans was the First Annual Girls Day Out at the Mall of America. I don't think Aliza had ever been there, nor had my daughter, Hannah. The two of them loved the American Girl doll store, Claire's (Hannah got her ears pierced yesterday, to which her father made her promise that that would be the last piercing she would ever have done in her life), Nickolodeon, and Old Navy. The sales were amazing. Hannah and Aliza both had a bit of spending money and were able to REALLY stretch it at Old Navy where they had the best clearance deals I have ever seen. Hannah scored shirts for 50 cents, pajamas for $3.00, and cute white pea coat for $7.00. Aliza bought herself some things, too. It was great to train in the next generation of bargain shoppers!
We didn't cover much ground at the mall as we were a fairly large group. In our "party" was myself, Hannah, my sister Valerie, Aliza, my sister Laura, my mom, Ronda, and Valerie's mother-in-law, Sue. It was ok, we did girly stuff, lots of window shopping, wandering, and a non-fast food lunch together. That's all I wanted.
I think it was mutually decided that this must be a tradition. Soooo...what should we do next year?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Updates...

I have been busy, busy, busy... going through clothes, washing, sorting, etc. Today we moved the changing table into the master bathroom and set up the dressers for John and Josh. Now I'm washing baby clothes and getting very excited to meet baby. After I get all the baby stuff set up, I will be on to cooking. My plan is to have two months worth of suppers in the freezer before the end of the month. Well, that's my goal. Problem is, I've been having LOTS of contractions. Seems like minimal work brings it on. In fact, today I got the dressers set up, but Matthew did all the moving for me. So basically today, I have just done laundry. Now I'm in bed for the rest of the evening in bed with my feet up. If I get up and walk...contraction. Driving me crazy. Is this how it is for baby #5? Anyone been there?
I worked last weekend and by Sunday, all I could do was cry.
4-6 weeks to go...