Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Retro Mama

I am sad to report that my dishwasher did not survive the zucchini bread making marathon. You can't rinse zucchini shreds out of all the dishes used and I guess it was just to much for the old gal and she choked. After the eighth time of washing, drying, then putting away the dishes, I decided I'm really not enjoying this retro-mama experience. Even with my retro apron on, I cannot smile.
Dewey, the appliance repair man who now is on a first name basis with all of us here (this is the Year of the Appliance), came with his appliance ambulance, loaded her up and took her to his hospital. His parting words were, "I don't think I'll have it done this week, but next week for sure!"
That sounded rather vague, don't you think?
The thing that aggravates me most is nothing makes my kids and husband feel like fixing a snack like an empty sink. Every time I turn around it's half-full of dishes! ARRRGH!! I need to create a menu that does not involve dishes. Like trail mix and water...